So many websites started with the best of intentions. Unfortunately they were static, HTML built and needed a web designer to update them.
The search engine rankings kept falling as the site was not updated and now it is of no real use at all.

Content Management System websites to the rescue!

Joomla! and WordPress websites are dynamic and can:cms

  • be updated easily by anyone that can use basic word processing packages
  • include interactive modules that engage the user, like video, event calendars, social media, etc
  • present internal advertising, showcasing particular products/specials
  • register users and email them automatically from the site
  • be expanded to include new sections, functionality or even an online shop
  • the additional software for future updates are more than often free

Website conversion service:

  • We can convert your existing website to either Joomla or WordPress content management systems. This means that you don't need to pay for a redesign of the website, just the conversion!
  • We can improve the search engine optimisation of the website while we are upgrading it, so that it is found again
  •  We can of course also add in more functionality than currently available on the website 
  • We can register the website with search engines as well as link it to the company's social media presence
  • In short, we can add any one of the bespoke design service functions that are required to this service
  • We will of course train up the end user and be there for support afterwards.

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