This search engine ranking optimisation package is perfect for those who wish to learn why ther website is not ranking well and how to optimise their website in future.

The Basic SEO package includes:

  • An expert search engine ranking review of your website with analytics for the top problems preventing it from getting the traffic and search engine rankings you want from the site.
  • Website architecture problems identified and solutions provided.
  • Linking structure, naming conventions and canonicalization issues and suggested improvements.
  • Meta tag usage and improvements.
  • Training in the tools & analytics available for keyword research.
  • Listing of missed SEO opportunities.
  • Competition research – top 3 pages of 1 competition site
  • the training to allow self-implementation in the future

The Basic SEO package will give you the direction, training and understanding you need in order to make the necessary changes in the right places.

Why is this package so economical?

We do not spend any less time analysing your website. The savings of the Basic SEO package are there because the time consuming keyword research will be done by you. We will supply the training, direction and knowledge needed for the task and you will do the legwork.

Turnaround times for the Basic SEO package are between 1 and 2 weeks.

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Other SEO package options:

If you do not have the time to do the lengthy research, comparisons and analysis and want your site’s analysis spelt out using actual code from the pages to highlight the areas needing changing and their solutions? You should look at our Standard SEO Package.

If you intend redesigning your existing website to either improve rankings or are concerned about losing your existing ranking and your website traffic, then you should look at our Premium Redesign SEO Package.

SEO package customisation:

If you would like customised search engine ranking optimisation, please get in touch so that we can discuss your particular requirements and put an SEO package together for you.

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