What is Search Engine Optimisation?search engines

SEO is way in which a website is structured and the individual pages of that website are written (both code and content) so that it can be found by search engines like Google, Ask, Bing, Yahoo.

Search engine users are looking for answers and search engines want to provide their users with relevant answers. SEO helps the search engine find those answers in a website and that website is then given a higher ranking by the search engine.

A major part of the SEO service should therefore be finding out what is being searched/asked and then optimising the website content to match these search queeries.

If we learnt thing one, it's that content really is king.

When good subject content is present, the site’s architecture and web pages simply need to be optimised in such a way that the search engines can find it under the wide variety of keywords and phrases used.

Good quality SEO is not a quick-fix solution and we do not promote or entertain this approach.
Why? Simply stated, it does not work.

The tricks used to achieve better, invalid, rankings are eventually identified by the search engines, which then change their algorithm, sniff them out and can even black-list those websites. This endless cat and mouse game is not worth the effort, the time nor the money.

Our search engine ranking optimisation packages:

Expected results from a thorough and planned search engine optimisation consultation:

  •  an optimised website whose search engine rankings improving over time,
  • customers who can find the site and what they are looking for and
  • an overall improved visitor conversion rate. 

Google Search Engine Optimisation will improve your site in 6 ways:

  •  higher search rankings and visibility
  • better click-through rates
  • more stickiness on the site
  • increased user conversion rates - more sales
  • greater brand awareness
  • website user satisfaction 

What can you expect from our search engine ranking optimisation service?

  • Quick responses to your search related questions
  • Expert advice that provides long-lasting results
  • SEO consultations tailored around the needs of the company and its site
  • We listen, we think and we provide direction and solutions
  • the training to allow self-implementation in the future

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