Our business has been operating since 2011. Until 2015 we called ourselves 'Two Fat Fingers' - a play on the fat finger syndrome experienced when surfing the web on a mobile phone.

Improvements in technology and especially in the field of mobile technology, like tablets and smart phones, has pretty much removed the fat finger syndrome, so we decided it was time to do the same to our name! :)

Before starting this business, Greg Anderson spent 10 years designing websites in the UK. The last 5 years were spent heading up the Creative Services Department of Ask Jeeves UK & Ireland, one of the top search engines before Google came on board - strange to think that there was a before Google

Design is in my blood and I have a passion for technology.
I suppose that makes me a designer geek!

Why choose Greg Anderson Design?

  • Our work ethic is: Detail, detail, detail!
  • We apply this ethos from the initial design brief until after the final product is delivered.
  • We strive to understand our clients and their business model so that the products we develop for them are a true reflection; a natural extension.
  • Our clients come back for more and they recommend our services.
  • Contact us and find out for yourself.

Our logo:

The philosophy:

Companies generally either sell products or provide a service. Think of these as either the material products or the virtual service; the physical or the metaphysical.

As design consultants, we create for businesses that provide material products and or virtual services; the physical or the metaphysical.

This led us to develop a logo that represented both the physical elements (water, earth, fire and air) as well as the virtual (metaphysical). 


The symbolism:

The four physical elements were traditionally represented in the shape of triangles or circles, with variations in orientation and simple geometry. The colours of blue, green, red and yellow were used to represent the water, earth, fire and air elements. 
We saw our business and especially its spirit / ethos as representing the metaphysical element. 

Put it all together, add some artistic license and our logo started to take shape.

Giving back:

Greg Anderson is a mentor at CoderDojo, Dungarvan. Greg mentors young people in both HTML coding and Mind Mapping.

CoderDojo is a worldwide, volunteer based, organisation that teaches young people a wide variety of computer based skills.

It's a fantastic moment when you see the penny drop, as the students grasp the concept being taught and then realise the possibilities of how it can be used.

We're here to help.

We are a friendly bunch that enjoy what we do.

  • Not sure you understand what's involved?
  • Need help deciding on the best approach?
  • Want to simply talk about it first?

Choose a way to get in touch and let us help:

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